Cleanroom services are designed to provide you a contamination-controlled environment. Only through regular testing you can know whether your workplace is operating properly. Particles cause damage, damage costs money; so regular comprehensive testing minimizes costly downtimes, product defects and product recalls. Our expertise enables you to concentrate on your core business with the confidence that the controlled environment is being monitored to your specific requirements. We have established comprehensive testing facility with latest equipment in compliance with the following international standards

Integrity Test of HEPA/ULPA/SULPA Filters

Why DOP test?

Aerosol photometer and aerosol generator used by the Biotroll experts are the latest ones (SP200 DNS and DOP 1100 POP 0781) and they can easily pinpoint and identify fake patek philippe faults that can be quickly rectified for product and replica watches personnel protection.

Validation of Cleanroom

Validation of:

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